Unit 5 Motivation, Emotion, & Personality

Unit 5 Plan

Motivation PowerPoint
Emotions Powerpoint
Personality:Sociocultural Power Point 

1. Belief Window (see clips below)

Remember, when you turn in the Belief Window, you need:
-the diagram,
-a response and signature from the three people you taught it to,
-an example of three of your correct beliefs
-an example of three incorrect beliefs

2. Motivation and Parenting Styles (Watch the Parenting clip below for the assignment and the "Drive" clip below for extra credit. The front page is notes, the assignment is on the second page.)

3. Emotions The front page is the assignment, the back page is notes.

4. James Lange Project

5. Personality According to Freud

6. The Paper Bag Project You will be turning in the cover sheet along with parts 2,4,&6 on the day of the test.

7. Meyer's & Briggs Personality Test Results: You will need to get a copy from me in class.

8. Parenting Part II:  This can be found on the back of the Learning & Humanistic Perspective hand out that you received on Tuesday.

9. The Color Personality Test Results.  You received this in class on Thursday with your Sociocultural Perspective handout.  I do not have copies of this loaded on to the blog.  You will have to get a hard copy from me.

The Belief Window Video 1

The Belief Window Video 2

The Belief Window Video 3

Parenting Styles

Assignment: What Type of Parent Are You Going To Be?
1. Summarize each parenting style: strengths, weaknesses, outcomes
2. Analyze your parents and tell me what type of parenting style they use.  Describe at least two examples.
3. Tell me what type of parenting style you intend to use and explain why.

Dan Pink "Drive: Motivation 2.0"

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