Unit 6 Social Psychology

Unit 6 Packet- Social Psychology

New Unit 6 Plan: Feel free to access the above packet for assignments, but this is the up to date Unit 6 Plan as of 25 November, 2013.

Instructions for Basic Training

Final Test Review: This should help you get ready for the final test.  Make sure you can name, define, and provide an example or description of each of these terms.

Assignments for Unit 6 Social Psychology

Attitudes, Persuasion, & Attribution PowerPoint

Persuasion Assignment: Complete the two page handout titles "The Art of Persuasion: Advertising, Politics, & Propaganda".

Persuasion Extra Credit: Complete the advertising project with your battle buddy or by yourself.

Conformity & Obedience PowerPoint

Conformity Assignment: There is a writing prompt at the bottom of your "Conformity" handout.

Conformity Extra Credit: Violate Social Norms, instructions are on the "Conformity" handout.

Obedience Assignment: There is a writing prompt at the bottom of your "Obedience" handout.

Obedience Extra Credit: Watch "The Torture Question" online at PBS Frontline and summarize in one page what you learned about the disposition and situation of the accused soldiers.

Groupthink PowerPoint on Invasion of Iraq

Groupthink Assignment Extra Credit:  On the back side of your Group Behavior note guide you have an assignment with instructions at the top.  Use the examples provided in class to complete this or watch "Twelve Angry Men" and look for examples for each from the film.

Groupthink Extra Credit:  If you complete the assignment using the examples from class, you can watch "Twelve Angry Men" and look for examples for each term in the film.

Groupthink Extra Credit: Watch the PBS Frontline "War Behind Close Doors" and identify examples of Groupthink.

Attraction Assignment: Answer the questions for "Dating is like Buying a Used Car"  You will find this attached above, it is not on the bottom of your "Attraction" note taking guide.

Prejudice & Discrimination PowerPoint 

Prejudice Assignment:  The note taking guide for Prejudice is your assignment to be completed with your squad or by yourself.

-Prejudice Extra Credit: We discussed several films you can watch for extra credit, see list below.  Watch and write a one page paper that analyzes the film and the factors that promote prejudice and discrimination

  • Snow Falling On Cedars
  • The Help
  • The Butler
  • Remember the Titans
  • Lincoln
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird
  • Cry, The Beloved Country
  • Invictus
  • The Power of One
  • Book: The Souls of Black Folk
  • Book: Coming of Age in Mississippi

Aggression PowerPoint

Aggression Assignment:  There is a writing prompt at the bottom of the "Aggression" handout.

Altruism Assignment: There is a writing prompt on the "Assignment for Attraction & Altruism" attached above.

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