Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TEST review!

I hope that you are all enjoying your spring break is much as I am!!!! 
Remember that your packet, adolescent development paper, and test will be Monday the 14th! 
In order to prepare for your test (the Monday you get back from Spring Break): 

  • Study the vocabulary words- make sure that you can define them, and give examples
  • Be familiar with, provide examples and give research  of how men and women differ
  • Review the different psychological perspectives
  • Know the 4 categories of adolescent identity status's (think of the paper you wrote) 
  • Look over your packet- review the video notes! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our body language expert talked about the power of 'daily affirmations'.... are you doing it?!
I am (your name) 
I am here

Here is the video we talked about in class- enjoy :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

April 1st Class

Just a heads up- we will be doing a little switcharoo.....
On April 1st, we will have a guest speaker coming from '3 Key Elements' who will be speaking about body language and gender! I hope that you all are as excited as I am :)
We will still have the quiz on pages 366-371 tomorrow, however everything else will be moving  to Thursday!
I'll post a link to their website for you to check out before 3 Key Elements comes to speak to us tomorrow! Check it out and start preparing any questions that you may have!


Monday, March 17, 2014


To best prepare for this test make sure that you are able to list disorders by category, give specific examples, causes and treatments :) Use this list below to help you study! GOOD LUCK 

Name 3 types of Anxiety Disorders?
       What are some differences between a somatoform and dissociative disorder?
       Give me an example of 1 of each
       What about similarities?
       Give me three symptoms/characteristics of Phobias
       Give and explain 2 treatments for phobias
       Name 3 types of Mood Disorders?
       Give me three symptoms/characteristics of Depression
       Name 2 causes of depression
       Give and explain 2 treatments for Depression
       Name 3 types of Personality Disorders?
       Name 2 causes of Anti-social personality disorder
       Give me three symptoms/characteristics of Narcissism
       Give and explain 2 treatments for Narcissism
       Be prepared to read different Case Studies, provide diagnosis’ and explain your reasoning why
       Which type of Schizophrenia can the individual experience relatively normal cognitive/emotional functioning?
       What does it mean when we say ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ in psychology?
       What are some positive and negative examples?
       Describe the different therapy types ie. Cognitive, Behavioral, Humanistic, Biomedical, Psychoanalytical

       How is Bipolar Disorder different from Depression? 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have to say great job on your skits today- I was very impressed

I have finally put all the PowerPoints for the Abnormal psych unit up :)
*they are located under the 'Unit 3: Stress & Disorders' tab

Remember your projects are due next week- so if you haven't already started working on your projects, now is the time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


REMEMBER! Tomorrow is your Unit 2 Test!!!! The study guide is up and ready for you to start studying :)
I told you that I would attach a list of assignments that are due and here they are:
1. Nervous System notes
2. Perception (Pt. 1)
3. Consciousness/Dreams & Sleep class notes
4. “How do you know if others are lying?” Class notes
5. OJ Lying Assignment (back of “Lying” handout)
6. Altered States of Consciousness class notes
7.  Dream Interpretation worksheet &  Response to Dream Interpretation questions (on bottom of handout)
8. Meditation Log
9. Dream Interpretations for all 3 dreams
10. Drug Research Paper

Monday, February 24, 2014

Psychology People!

As you know this Wednesday (2/26) is the Unit 2 Test-
This also means that all of your assignments are due Wednesday (2/26).... please bring them and have them ready to turn in to me or else they are late and I cannot accept them!
Because of time constraints we didn't have time to do a good review in class, so I have made a mini study guide for you to use in preparation for your test-
here is a list of terms and a few concepts that you should be familiar with. This means you should be able to describe/define, give an example and apply it; if you are able to do these 3 things you will do very well on the test :)


Sleep Apnea
Night Terrors
 Circadian Rhythm
Neuron (parts and functions)
Sleep Cycle
Drug Categories
Nervous System(parts/division)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DREAMS & such

Today we talked a lot about dreams/sleep.... I know you had tons of questions about specific dreams that I was unable to answer: DON'T FEAR. Monday we will be interpreting your dreams in class, so hopefully lots of your questions will be answered then! This also means that you need to have your dream journal ready to go by Monday!

Here is the link to the sleepwalking documentary that I told you, you could watch for extra credit:

We also mentioned Lucid Dreaming and how one goes about doing so- this is a website that I found that looked pretty good, if you find something better let me know so I can pass along the information :)

If you haven't done so, start thinking about psychological disorders that you want to do your project on, so you can sign up next class period!

Friday, February 7, 2014


In class today I handed out the UNIT 2 packet- this weekend get started on your dream journal and meditation logs! here are a few links that may help you with your meditations......

Meditation Techniques: http://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Meditation-Techniques

For the 'meditation log' simulation, we did a progressive relaxation technique- here is a variation to the script that I read to you in class:

*Also for those pintrest fans out there if you search MEDITATION some great stuff comes up :)

Also for those of you who asked about the song we listened to it was by Florence & the Machine, 'Only if for a night'.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here are the links to the videos we watched in class
David Reimer: 

Ferel Children: 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Testing Project


For all of you who have chosen to conduct a survey for your project, I would recommend using Survey Monkey- its free, easy, you can post to your social media site and it creates graphs/collaborates your data :) 
Click on the link below for a PowerPoint that explains how it works! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Disclosure Amendments!

First, thank you all for participating in the disclosure debate! You came up with some great ideas have now become your new disclosure document! (you can find these amendments under the 'documents' tab.  For those of you in 3rd period the video on the 'Allegory of the Cave' wasn't working, the video is up for your viewing pleasure :) Have an awesome 4 day weekend!